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robshearman's Journal

10 February 1970
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Hello! I always said I'd never have a livejournal. Vowed it even. It always looked more than a little intimidating, with macros and tags and usernames and stuff - after all, God, I was pretty useless at keeping a *diary* when I was a kid and had all the time in the world - how much worse keeping a *journal* (which sounds so much posher) when I'm an adult and have no time at all?

But I've been dragged, kicking and screaming into the twentieth century - and only seven years too late - by the fact I've written an actual Book. With pages in. I've been a playwright for theatre, radio and TV for about fifteen years, but I never quite saw the point in promoting that: drama is by its nature pretty ephemeral, and telling someone I've a play running in Yorkshire in June isn't going to be of much interest to a reader in Rekjavik in November. But now there's a book out (called Tiny Deaths, if you're interested), it seems that I'm making a bite at your real live honest-to-God posterity. And if you're reading this in 2007 or 2027, it's probably still relevant. Unless the publishers by then have recalled it and pulped it. Your guess is as good as mine!

I like cats. My cat specifically, who's called Nero, and lives up to his name as domestic sociopath. I like Doctor Who - well, it was a childhood love, and it's never gone away in the way I expected. (And since writing an episode for the TV show, it never will! And hurrah for that.) And I like food, but since I'm writing this message when I'm (a) on a little diet, and (b) haven't had lunch yet, food will naturally be uppermost in my mind. Hmm. Think I'll have a bit of cucumber on crackerbread. Oh, still my beating heart.

Don't really know how this works, or how often I'll use it. Don't understand the friending thing either - but feel free to friend me if you like. I'll probably be rather pleased. I like friends. Especially if they bring lunch.